Steps to Organize A Beach Wedding

The wedding is an important moment in the life of any couple and it is clear that the way you choose to celebrate it, should also reflect your personality and style. Thinking about it, many couples choose to perform the ceremony and the banquet on the beach, but to carry out this romantic and wonderful idea there are some details that they should take into account, that’s why we give you the keys to know how to organize weddings in the Beach.

Choose the Location Wisely

Getting married on the beach is one thing and getting married on any beach is another. Keep in mind that the place you choose must meet certain conditions. If it is a public beach, prior permission is required from the relevant authorities.

You also need to offer accommodation nearby so that your guests can stay. You need to observe the location before you make up your mind. For example, tidal waves could come up in the evenings. It should also be an accessible place for your guests in terms of transportation and budget, because if you choose a heavenly but very expensive site, some may not be able to attend.

The Perfect Weather

It is clear that a beach wedding deserves a certain climate, but keep in mind that it is not a good idea to do it in the hottest months of the summer unless the celebration takes place in the evening. It is preferable to choose a warm month of spring with more manageable temperatures that allow you to have a nice party without everyone dying of the heat


You can go with the beach theme and select colours along with the range of blue, white and cream. Use natural elements such as seashells, rocks and fresh flowers. The flowers should be able to resist high temperature. A wedding planner will be able to help you with this.


A beach wedding is a relaxed occasion rather than formal and hence the main point to focus on is comfort. The groom can dress in a long sleeve Polo top in white, cream or beige while the bride can wear a very light and breezy dress. The length of the dress is totally up to you. Shoes need to be simple flat sandals that are easy to walk on sand.

Appetizers, Banquet and Drinks

As for the appetizers, choose those that do not need constant refrigeration and that can be kept outside. If you choose fish and seafood make sure that they are fresh and that they can be kept the same throughout the party. The banquet menu should not be too heavy since the environment lends itself to lighter ideas.

Completely avoid soups and broths and dishes that are too strong and opt for light and versatile ones. The type of drink you choose and the drinks should also be fresh and beachy, so a good idea is to place a bar with cocktails of this type, something that will certainly please your guests.

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