Guide to Buy Sex Toys Without Trouble

If you are someone who is shy to go out and buy sex toys, or is just new to exploring your desires, it is ok to have lots of doubts or questions about buying your favourite toys. But do not worry, because while working into a sex shop might sound like the most embarrassing thing ever, in reality it is easier than you think. read the following tips to know all you want to know about purchasing a sex toy.

Do Your Research

The easiest way to know about the toys you are going to buy is doing a little research online. Browse through some online shopping sites or even the websites of sex stores to know all about the product you are planning to purchase. This will also be a good way for you to read the reviews, and know more about the product.

If you are someone who is really new to this, and do not wish to get bombarded by graphic images but no real information about buying products, then don’t go searching straight by the name of the product alone. instead go straight to some websites of stores or blogs that does reviews about the products.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

No one from sex toy stores will judge you if you walk in there or even walk up to a store assistant for extra help. Asking them is probably a safer way to know about the products, especially if you are not sure what to buy or is not experienced in the area of buying sex toys. If you are still super shy to walk into a store, you can also rely on online shopping. Many safe stores such as secret fantasy does deliveries and also have a chat section where you can send any questions and inquiries to them.

Go with Your Feelings

For those of you who have never tried a sex toy before, think of the sensations that you enjoy the most. experts on sexual health and behaviour suggests the best way to know 6his is by thinking what kind of toys you feel like you enjoy or how do you want to use it.

if you can narrow it down to the sensation, this will save your time from staring at the shelves or a store website with no idea what to buy. This includes all questions like what stimulates you, whether it is penetrative toys you like or whether you prefer external stimulation, the sizes you prefer etc.


Thinking of the material is one thing that many do not think as important as other factors. Especially since we are talking about sensation and feeling here, the material of the toy you are going to purchase will matter a lot.

Some of the main materials that are generally used in producing sex toys are lass, wood, metal, hard plastic, rubber and PVC, and silicone. Each material has its own benefit of using them from the ease of cleaning to the way it will make you feel. So remember to choose a material you feel will be your ‘type’.

Hesitant or shy about exploring your desires? Well don’t be anymore. try following the above facts to make your shopping less embarrassing and awkward for you.

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