Benefits of Giving Corporate Gifts

Giving corporates gifts is a common practice among not only big businesses but SME’s too. it is always nice to let your stakeholders know that you are thinking of them and would like to thank them for their support with your business. So do not miss out on the great opportunities for building better ties with them. Here are the benefits of giving corporate gifts.

Sustain Relationships

Business gifts are a way to build loyalty with customers and partners. They are often seen as pleasant and welcome rewards. Imagine you have customers who have been with you for over 10 years. That is a big deal and they need to be rewarded and appreciated. Such long-term customers are what bring value to what you do. Carefully pick out what you want to give, do gift wrapping online to give it a nice finish and send them away!

Profitable Advertising

Business gifts are an opportunity to make a good publicity stunt, without spending disproportionate amounts. Indeed, offering an agenda, a reusable drinking bottle or an insulated mug stamped with the company logo, generates visibility. Remember that corporate gifts can travel outside of the workplace. 

A lasting gift can be used on a daily basis and therefore advertise you for free. For example, if you offer a bag to carry laptops to all your salespeople, some can also use it during their holidays or during the weekend. The company’s image will therefore be deployed on a larger scale than the professional environment.

Mark Key Events

Many believe that the end of the year is the best time to give a corporate gift. If it turns out that this is indeed the best time to do so, other key dates during the year are also to be preferred. Have you just signed a contract with a client? Give him a gift to symbolize your professional partnership. A small gift to offer on each anniversary of your employees is also highly appreciated!

Prove That You Are in Tune with The Times

Corporate gifts often boil down to a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or champagne, a mug, pen, diary, etc. Get off the beaten track. By innovating, you not only stand out from the competition, but also show that you are a modern company! Currently, zero waste and sustainable products are in high demand. Adopt the codes of this trend by offering, for example, a reusable bottle to your partners. As a year-end gift, you can also offer a basket filled with zero-waste cosmetic products.

Take Advantage of Tax Advantages

In some very specific cases, corporate gifts can be included in the expense’s deductible from income taxes. For this they must be agreed in the interest of the company and their value must not be disproportionate in terms of the workforce and the result of the company or the partner to whom it is dedicated. Get more information from your local tax authorities to know the proper policies that apply to you with regard to tax reductions.

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