Are You Turning Forty This Year? How To Make The Most Of It

Turning 40 is a big deal as turning 16. Some people are scared to express the idea that they are reaching 40, assuming it simply implies that one is getting older and fragile. Nevertheless, turning forty simply means that one is more experienced and inspired; it is certainly an important milestone in your life. There is no way of stopping aging so that no one is immune from reaching forty or any other age. Therefore, it is best to face aging rather than trying to fight it.

Focus On The Positive

Years fly by quicker than you can catch up to them. Even though turning forty may sound or feel daunting, it is best to focus on the positive at all times. From here on, you are a matured and experienced adult! Your life will improve if you know how to focus on the positive side of things. You may want to start a new routine for your life; mark your calendar on how things will now start to improve.

You can embark on a new exercise regime; start reading more; have targets on losing weight or earning a qualification.  Remember your self-worth is increased and improved only if you work on it. Ever heard the term “getting better with age”? Try to match that with yourself.

Earn More

With more experience you are definitely going to earn more! Even if you don’t want to work full time, there are enough and more demands for consultants and freelance workers. You can certainly use your knowledge in finance, IT and so on to help the less experienced. You can work less as you will be in managerial capacities, take longer vacations and be merry. You can also start joining social working initiatives such as charity organisations and get to know more people. So, it is time now to think about celebrating your big day! Book a venue and a Sydney jazz band, invite your friends and family and sing and dance the night away!!

What Science Says

It is true that after forty you are facing some health risks when you pass forty. However, new scientific research has found out that females who are past 40 tend to sweat less than they did in their earlier years. This is positive and good news if you plan to run more!  Apart from that, after 40, you are considered in a new age bracket, hence you will have lower rates for car insurance, governmental offices will allocate more time for you and so on.

If outsiders are also taking more time for you, why not you do that for yourself? In addition to these, some juicy titbits are also recorded as per scientific studies. A study published in 2012 says that women who are elder than 40 are better satisfied when having carnal relations. This satisfaction is supposed to be increased with time too!

As the famous saying goes, age is simply a matter, if you do not mind, it does not matter. Hence, do not mind the time passing by as no one can stop it for anything. Simply try to find ways to enjoy it.

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