How to Improve Cleanliness in Business Premises

First impressions are very important when it comes to providing a good customer experience. And one way of creating a good first impression is by presenting a clean and organised store or office. This signifies that you take their business seriously and that you care about the health and safety of customers as well as employees.

There are certain health and hygiene standards that you should uphold to ensure the value of your business and property does not reduce. Also, violations in health and safety regulations will open you up to being penalised. When working with a company for commercial cleaning Perth, you have to ask them about their cleaning checklist and which areas they focus on. Check if they include all exits and entrances, storage, stairways, back office, restrooms, kitchens, etc. To improve the cleanliness of the store, you need to make sure that everything is organised. Look at what is on the shelves and the racks. Think about what a customer will see when they first walk into the store. You need to make sure that customers find it easy to locate the items they want. There has to be a good system in place to collect garbage or litter. You also need to focus on the areas that withstand a lot of wear and tear such as the floor. You need to make sure that the condition of the flooring is maintained well no matter which material it is. If you have carpet, you will need to clean it regularly to ensure no dust particles and allergens remain. Laminates will be easier to maintain but you will still need to get rid of scuff marks and dirt. The customers will spot any dirt on the floor right away so you need to have them cleaned daily.

If you have glass surfaces and mirrors in the store, you need to be very careful about their cleanliness. These surfaces can show dirt and finger-marks very easily. You need to clean them regularly especially the mirrors in fit-on rooms. Dust is a problem that you will be dealing with continuously. You always need to make sure there is no dust on the surfaces such as shelves and countertop. With good lighting, it will be easier to spot the dirt. You can employ professional cleaners with a good experience so they will be able to clean the display cases and shelves. This will keep the merchandise dust free as well.

You also need to think about your employees as they are essential to creating a successful business. Productive employees will ensure a rise in sales and they will be efficient as well. But you need to keep employee satisfaction and morale up by ensuring their needs are met. They will be more willing to work when the workspace is clean and inviting. When they step into the store each morning, if it is untidy and unclean, it will immediately lower their morale and impression. By employing a good cleaning company, you can ensure a professional workspace for employees.

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