How to Choose the Right Crystals for Your Home

Crystals are widely used for healing and meditation. Although some people might think that it works like a placebo effect, a lot of people can actually attest to the healing benefits they have experienced with the use of crystals. Each crystal has its own unique property and gives a different healing energy that’s why it is also important to get familiar with how each crystal works to know which one you need.

Aside from meditation, crystals these days are popularly used as a decorative ornament in homes. They are neutral and could look great with almost any décor theme, making them a versatile ornament. Before buying crystals, it is important to consider the right ones that you need. First of all, you need to determine what type of healing or energy you need in your home. That way, you could determine the right crystal that emits the vibrations needed by your home.

When choosing healing crystals, it is also important to consider their source. Crystals that are unethically mined could absorb the negative energy from miners that have been exploited, reducing the efficiency of the crystal. Look for reputable stores that sell ethically sourced crystals for maximum healing benefits.

Lastly, when you feel attracted to a certain crystal, it is a basic sig to get that crystal. It means that you are naturally connected to the crystal because you need the healing benefits that it emits. Here are some of the starter crystals you could get for your home.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz emits a balancing and calming energy throughout a space. It helps balance feelings and emotions and promotes an atmosphere of calm and soothing love. Rose quartz are commonly used in the bedroom to create a passionate vibe in the space but you could use it throughout your home for an overall nurturing and loving atmosphere. Pink Himalayan quartz work similarly like rose quartz and is rare as well. You could opt for the pink variety from the range of Himalayan quartz if you want something rare or can’t find rose quartz available.

Black Tourmaline

Another great crystal for your home is black tourmaline. It is one of the most grounding crystals and helps ward off negative energy and vibes from a space. You can place it around your home as a protective stone or put in on entryways and windowsills to filter out bad vibes and negative energy, keeping your home more welcoming and positive.


We are exposed every day to electromagnetic frequencies coming from our smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets with screens. These frequencies have a negative impact to our health the more we get exposed to it. To protect you from the harmful EMFs, placing a shungite around your home is a best solution. It neutralizes and purifies your home from EMFs, keeping you safe from those harmful waves. Place it near your work desk or anywhere where you usually use gadgets at home.

There are still plenty of crystals out there and the more you know about their healing benefits, the better you could choose which crystal is the right for you.

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