Different Types of Boxes for Packaging

Whatever kind of packages you need to mail, there are boxes available that will be ideal for your requirements. But knowing which kind of box to select is another matter.All high-quality custom boxes share a number of characteristics that improve your customers’ entire brand experience. Without any further ado, let’s explore the most popular box styles and how they function to protect and safeguard your product while providing an excellent branding impression.

Many box types for packaging

Rigid cartons and folding cartons are the 2 types of packing boxes that are offered in this market.

Folding boxes or cartons

One type of packaging box that manufacturers create from a one foldable sheet of board is the folding carton.In the production process, paper board, corrugated board, and fibreboard may all be employed. A pizza box is the most typical illustration of this packaging type.

Rigid boxes or cartons

The container boxes that have a distinct top and bottom portion include rigid cartons. They go by the name “telescopic boxes” as well.The most typical illustration of a rigid box is a shoe box. However, this type of packaging box is also used for various technological items, such as mobile phones and apparel.These various types of boxes are divided into the following categories based on the various items to be packed and their construction:

Corrugated boxes 

These are lightweight and made of paperboard. However, they are strong enough to support the weight of large packaging machinery. Two layers of line boards made of strong paper are used to construct the box’s fundamental structure and design.

However, several corrugated paper board boxes can also be assembled to make sturdy three side boxes that are employed in the shipping sector.The nicest part about these boxes is that they are inexpensive and simple to recycle. These packaging boxes are used by the bulk of eCommerce sites to safely dispatch the products.

Boxboard cartons 

These boxes are constructed from heavy paperboards that weigh 250 GSM. The paper board boxes can be connected to different materials and are attractively made with vibrant printing.These boxes, which may be folded awkwardly, are used by retailers to pack retail boxes. These many box packaging styles are used for toys, cell phones, gadgets, cigarettes, and other alcoholic beverages.

In order to increase their strength, these are also water-resistant and simple to laminate. If you want an example of these Maltese cross boxes are the best you can find.

Aseptic cartons 

One of the many forms of packaging boxes with multiple layers is the aseptic carton. These kinds of containers are frequently used to store fruit liquids, soups, sweets, and infant food.Food spoilage and other types of damage are avoided thanks to the aseptic layer of packaging. Additionally, these containers aid in maintaining the food’s flavour, texture, and nutritional content over time.

The most popular instance of these aseptic cartons that really can endure high temps and shield food from degradation is a Tetra pack. Despite the fact that these cartons cannot be recycled, the polyethylene that was utilized in their manufacture helps to preserve food over time.

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