Essential Elements to be Included in a Wedding Video

Once you have decided to go with a wedding videographer, you have to understand which moments they will shoot. There are many moments that you may miss at the wedding such as the expressions of joy on your loved one’s faces. But you should have an understanding with the videographer of what you want included and what they normally offer on their package.

You will be able to get the wedding video that you want when you plan the event with the videographer from beginning to end. When it comes to perfect wedding videography in Melbourne, the videographer has to plan the shots so that the couple is happy with the outcome. Make sure that you have a timeline of the events that will take place on the day when you meet potential videographers. This way, you will be able to inform them of the schedule so they understand where they should be. This will help them avoid missing any precious moments. There are so many authentic and candid moments that wedding videos capture. There are some essential wedding shots that should be included in the video. These include the groom waiting at the altar, reciting the vows, bride’s entrance, the first kiss of the married couple, first dance, tossing of the bouquet, cutting of the wedding cake, toasts by loved ones and special dances.

Some videos include preparation shots such as how the wedding retinue prepares for the event and how the bride and groom prepare. There will be some staging to get moments such as the groom pinning his boutonniere. You can get some footage of the conversations and the antics that happen with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids before the wedding starts. There will also be some shots of the interior and exterior of the venue that you have the wedding in as well as the décor of the event. The ceremony is a little difficult to film because there are so many moments to capture. This will be made easier by having more than one angle. But this is something that you will have to discuss with the videographer. It will also depend on the type of package you have. Having more camera angles will mean an increased price.

Let the videographer know if you want the video to include guests being escorted down the aisle and them preparing for the programme to start. You can also let them know to film family members entering the venue. You can ask the videographer to record the full ceremony. A small part of it can be included in the shot wedding video that you can share with people. And you can keep the full recording as a memento of the day. When it comes to the reception, the video should include a shot of the exterior and the interior of the reception venue, receiving line, cocktail house, toasts, servers passing food to the guests, décor such as table tags, sculptures, centrepieces etc. Some special moments at the reception are the first dance of the couple, the tossing of the bouquet, the last dance and the exit of the newlyweds.

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