The 4 levels of teeth restoration to know before vising a dentist

Not all of us are born with perfectly white and well-aligned teeth. Even if we were, there can be unfortunate accidents that take the perfect teeth away. On the flip side, it’s quite common to lose teeth as you age as well. But none of these situations should keep you away from having perfect teeth.

Now that you’re planning to go see the dentist restore your teeth, it’s always better to know what there is. The more you know, the more justifiable would be the choices the dentists make.

The basic level – Whitening

There’s always an extent to which you should brush your teeth; finding that perfect level between under-brushing and over-brushing is a challenge. But even when you brush your teeth with the best toothpaste, some teeth just cannot be made any more whitened. The solution for this is quite easy. It’s teeth whitening following thorough cleaning done at dental clinics.

The intermediate level – Veneer

Sometimes whitening isn’t an option; this is usually due to the surface damages of the teeth. However, the positive side is the ideal alignment of the teeth. On occasions like these, you can perfectly use permeant veneers that are glued to your existing teeth by dental glues.

The advanced level – Re-alignment wearables

At this level, you could use veneers or even whiten your teeth, but the problem of misalignment is not going to resolve itself. For the year, metallic bracers were the solution for this, and some still continue to use this. Truth is that it doesn’t have to be that painful when you can wear Invisalign wearables? They’re transparent, you can take them whenever you want them to, bespoke, and definitely more effective.

The expert level – Reconstruction

This is the final level that is applicable to types of teeth that are heavily damaged, misaligned to a point where re-alignmentwearables just cannot be used. Although dental surgery is the common answer, we thought about going one layer deeper in technical terms for you.

Because we know that The Dental Practice All on 4 is the best solution for all the extreme reconstruction needs. Thanks to the permanent nature of the teeth of the reconstructed implant, you don’t have to worry about the longevity, or whether you’d have to reline as you do on dentures.

However, our recommendation is to go for a reliable dentist other than making direct purchases from the company because that’s always going to cost you a little fortune. However, the method is the most successful, and there’s no pain at all, and everything would be good to go following 2-3 hours after the surgery.

Final takeaways

Although you might think that you can make the decision instead of a dentist, it’s always better to go with a professional opinion. Our recommendation is that you choose a specialized dental clinic with enough clients. Because of that, you’d feel that the clinic doesn’t want to loot you but give you the best solutions for the long run. So, here’s a happy bright smile in 2022!

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