Construction Professionals You Need to Employ for Your Construction Project

For those planning a construction project, one of the things you need to decide on is hiring construction professionals that would help you with your project. These professionals should have the educational background, years of experience and in some cases, with certifications from professional institutions and certifying boards. This is necessary to make sure that they could do and perform their job effectively.

These construction professionals usually include architects, engineers, project managers and quantity surveyors. Their job responsibilities are enumerated before for you to be abreast of their necessity in your construction project.


An architect is necessary because they are the ones in charge in planning and designing the construction project. They are the ones responsible in preparing a design that would be followed by all the people involved in the construction. The architect that you should hire should have the appropriate license, registration and certification with an institution or organization that states they are legally allowed to practice Architecture.


There are numerous types of engineers but when it comes to construction, you would need the expertise of a civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineer. A civil and a structural engineer’s expertise are the same, since they both deal with the structure of the construction project although a structural engineer has an advanced specialization.

A mechanical engineer on the other hand deals with the designing, development, building and testing of mechanical and thermal devices which includes air conditioning systems, generators, etc. Electrical engineers as how they are called are responsible for the design and application of systems and equipment run by electricity. When you look for an engineering firm, look for a firm that employs Gladstone engineers with different specializations so it would be easier for you to deal with only one firm instead of dealing with several.

Project Managers

A project manager is the one responsible for the whole project. They are involved in the planning, procurement and execution. They are the ones in communication with the client’s consultant or directly with the client itself if there are no consultants hired. They are always present in the construction site to deal with problems as soon as they arise and to monitor the progress and development of the project, if they are within the deadline and could hand over the project to the client on time.

Quantity Surveyors

The person in charge of the financial side of the construction is the quantity surveyor. They are the ones being relied on when it comes to construction costs, the materials and drafting of the contracts with the clients. They are the ones responsible for making sure the project is completed within the budget.

These professionals are the basic individuals that every construction project needs to be successful. Of course, there are still other professionals that you would soon require such as draftsman, foreman, storekeeper, technicians, laborers, etc. depending on the magnitude and size of the construction project. The main thing you have to remember is that you have to hire the professionals as per your need and as per their necessity in your project.

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