7 Times When Extravagant Wedding Expenses Are Completely Worth It

Weddings are expensive to organize, and many times during planning it, you’d find yourself wondering if a certain expense is actually worth the money, you’re spending on it. Here are 7 such instances in which we believe the expense is well worth it…

When the Wedding Planner Can Handle All the Details for You

A wedding planner is almost an investment, especially if it’s a wedding planner who can handle all aspects of the wedding for you. Even if you’re the most organized person on Earth, when it comes to your own wedding, it’s best leaving the stress of organizing on the shoulder of someone unrelated to the wedding.

When the Wedding Invitation Matches Your Theme

In general, most modern couples shy away from traditional wedding invitations to limit costs. However, if your theme is old fashioned, an invitation card with the same vibe is vital. Remember, your invitation card is the first part of your wedding that your guests would see, setting the vibe for the wedding from that point forward!

When the Location Is Just Ideal

Without a doubt, wedding venues are expensive. However, as they also play a significant part when it comes to making your big day picture perfect, it’s worth spending a little extra to ensure your venue is just right for you. And if it also happens to be a unique venue that is still new to most of your guests, it’s a clear win!

When The “Off the Rack” Dress Looks Like It Has Been Tailored for You

When it comes to wedding dresses, we always felt custom tailored clothes are better. After all, not only will it suit your body in the best of ways, it’ll also be unique. However, custom tailored dresses are often very expensive, and not an option if you have to get your dress in short notice. In a situation as such, spending a little extra for a dress that looks like your dream dress is well worth the price.

When the Wedding Shoes Can Be Worn for More Than Just the Big Day

Most brides tend to go over the top when it comes to their bridal shoes, even though their dress is inadvertently going to be covering it for most of the day. However, your shoes are part of your outfit, and deserve to be just as glamorous as the rest of you. Make this purchase worth their price by ensuring the design can be worn on multiple occasions after your big day as well.

When the Food Is from A Foolproof Catering Service

For most guests, the reception lunch/dinner is more important that the official vows itself. If your guests (in general) are a crowd that feels the same, hiring a catering company that will not disappoint is well worth the expense. They’ll be talking about the food you served for years to come!

When the Photographer Has the Perfect Packages and Knows the Kind of Pictures You Need

Your wedding photographer is the person who’s going to be collecting and preserving memories from your big day to look back on a later date. Trust us when we say that most of the day will be a blur to you, especially if it’s a perfect a day as you’re hoping it’ll be. The cost of hiring an efficient and professional wedding photographer is well worth it if they’re on the same page as you in regards to how exactly you want your photographs to turn out.

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