Tips to Take Care of Your Car’s Exterior

We all check our vehicles once in a while to check their performance and functionality. Checking the tire pressure, oil level, the air filter is some of these. However, it is equally important to pay attention to the other aspects of your car which includes the exterior aspects such as the paint job, windshield etc. Check out below to see how you can improve your car’s exterior.

Wash Regularly

If you are an owner to a car that has layers and layers of dust on it, you are way behind car cleaning. If you are someone who uses your vehicle regularly, then it has to be cleaned weekly in order to take off all the dust and grime that collects on the surface, as well as the tires. Use a car washing agent and not a dishwashing agent to clean the surface in order to not damage the paint. Start from washing the top of the car to make the task easier for you. You can use a washing mitt or a sponge to clean out all the debris that has collected. Letting dirt collect on your car is a sure way to increase the rusting.

Don’t Forget the Drying

The next step after washing is drying. Most of the time we tend to think that it will dry naturally if we keep the vehicle out for a while but this will only result in ruining your washing. Drying a vehicle outside naturally is causes the water spots to form on the surface making you clean the surface again. Instead, make sure to wipe off the surfaces with a clean dry towel so you will not damage the surface paint or get dirt on the car again. You can use microfiber drying towels for this purpose which is the best option for wiping. However, if you do not have these you can also try it with a clean soft towel.

Apply the Protectants

The next step in car exterior cleaning is applying the necessary protectants. Make sure to do this step after the vehicle has dried. Once it is completely dry and free of water, get a dab of vinyl and rubber protectant into a clean piece of clothing and wipe it on all the vinyl, rubber or plastic parts of the car. These include parts such as door and window mouldings, trim, rear-view mirrors, and tires. Once you have covered all the areas, wait till it is fully absorbed. Then, you can once again wipe down the parts with a clean rag for a smoother finishing.

Waxing or Coating

These are temporary or semi-permeant methods used to protect the car surfaces. Waxing protect the painting and keep it safe from UV rays, bird droppings, water, snow and ice as well as light scratches. If you are using waxing you will need to re-apply this once in every two – three months. So if you are looking for a temporary solution to protect the car paint, here is your solution, But if you are looking for a more long lasting solution, you can try ceramic coating at one of Melbourne automotive paint protection services.

Remember that while you check your car to see if it is working right, the exterior too matters.

So don’t overlook these parts or forget them while you are too busy checking the rest of the vehicle. Give your vehicle the care it deserves and ensure the quality of all the parts.

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