How You Can Go About Starting A Family Band

A family should come together no matter what. It is nice to have some activities to do when everyone’s together at home. Of course when the children are small, it will be a general gathering at home. But when they are grown up, moved out and have their own families, when everybody’s gathered at the parent’s house, it is an ideal opportunity to have some team games or activities planned.

One such activity could be having a band for the family. It doesn’t have to be a professional band, you are not going to perform anywhere. Just some instruments and music and family who have a basic knowledge on them. The objective is to bring everyone together and have a good time.

Determining The Band Members

It’s a lot of fun when your family and friends come together and have an enjoyable time. To make it more efficient and effective, it is important to decide who the players and the singers are. This might backfire if you don’t want to have someone in the group, such as a very small child who wants to join in but you fear that the quality of the group will not be the same because of him.

However what you have to remember is that this is a family activity, and it is your duty to have everybody involved in some way or the other. If you have a kid who want to join in so bad, you can probably give them a very small part in it. You can ask him to sing along, which with the other adult voices might not be heard. Or you can rotate the responsibilities in order to match the programme of the day. Either way making them active participants is one of the points.

Make It A Learning Experience

Not only with the kids but also with the adults you can convert this to a learning experience. Obviously if you are having a music group people will learn to play the instruments they like and learn to sing as well. Even if someone is there who does not have any knowledge of music or playing any instrument, they can try out simple things like bumping a tambourine.

You can easily find tambourines for sale in any music store near you, in and around Melbourne. Another aspect of the learning experience is leadership. You can encourage someone to take the leadership, however make sure that person is well versed in understanding instruments, vocal styles and in general, music. Again this also can be given to alternative members in turn to be fair on everyone and to develop their skills.

Present A Grand Show

Practice makes perfect! Even though you might not have the ideal number of practice sessions, it is important to set a regular time aside when every one of your family music group can meet and engage in practices. Group members can also practice at home by themselves, or in pairs with the members who are available at their own homes.

You can also extend these sessions, bringing in a few people from close by houses to one house and have half a team do some practice. Communication is important between the team members, for example if someone misses practices regularly it is important to keep them updated and agree on what part he will play or sing. Practicing itself is a fun group activity and it’ll allow the band to improve their skills as well.

Most families have quirks! You can have a band and be proud of it.

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