Bridal Shower Essentials for Planning A Pretty Party

Preparing a bridal shower party for someone you love or care about can be a difficult task for you as you have to see to it that her bridal shower will be perfect. But instead of stressing yourself out, why not just plan it stoically. Draft it in a piece of paper and make sure to list down all the bridal shower essentials that you think you will need to make it a night to remember for everyone. Moreover, being the host to the bride-to-be is already an honour. Here’s a list of the bridal shower essentials you can include in your list.

Think of A Theme

Think of a theme that the bride-to-be will love. As the host of the party, it’s your responsibility to know what her preference is. You can ask her directly for inputs if you’re in doubt. You can host a party wherein the guests will give gifts based on the bride-to-be’s passion or hobby. If she’s into cooking, they can gift her a cooking book, kitchen utensils, etc. Or if she’s a jet setter, they can give her luggage for her getaways. The outfit will depend on the theme, too.

Create a Guest List

Of course, a bridal shower party isn’t complete without a guest list. Surprise the bride-to-be with guests who are special to her. It can be her long-lost best friend whom she hasn’t seen for years. Never invite people whom you think can upset the bride-to-be.

Invite an Entertainer

A bridal shower is no fun without some good time. If you’re from Australia, make sure to check out They have male performers who can take your breath away. You have to book early though to reserve your slot.

A Perfect Location

The venue doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be at your own home or her favourite restaurant or nail spa. The location should be accessible for everyone especially for attendees who will take the public transportation. Consider the parking space, too, and if it’s safe and flood-free.

The Best Playlist

There will be stillness in the bridal shower and it’s inevitable. To keep the mood in high spirits, play the best playlist that everyone can relate to. Use a free music app like Spotify and you’re good to go. But it’s best to ask the bride-to-be to create her own playlist.

Order Flowers

Order the bride-to-be’s favourite flowers. Flowers play a major role in marking a special event in a person’s life. Make sure to order in advance to avoid any problems from taking place.

Make Personalized Items

Items with personal touches will make anyone feel special. Remember, it’s the little things that count. Create a personalized pillow for each or dining utensils made of wood with their name on it. It’s a perfect giveaway idea, too.

Food and Drinks

Make the guests’ tummies happy by preparing a great selection of food and drinks. Prepare at least 1-2 specialty items and keep the rest of the meal simple. For the drinks, you need to have some booze apart from water, soda, and juice. Create a unique cocktail drink that they will love.

Plan the best party for your bride with these bridal shower essentials.

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