5 Naughty Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

While romantic anniversary gifts are still in nowadays, it won’t hurt if you try something out of the ordinary when it comes to gifting your significant other. Most couples today are exploring the naughtier side of anniversary gifts. Adult gifts aren’t just meant for sex alone; it can actually show how much you love your partner by investing in things that both of you can enjoy intimately. If you’re looking for great naughty gift ideas for her, we got you covered.

Sexy Lingerie

One of the classics when it comes to sexy gifts, sexy lingerie is one of the to-go options for guys looking for something kinky as a gift. You can gift it as it is or you may also add some extra accessories like handcuffs or a lace blindfold for added fun. When choosing which lingerie set to buy, it is safe to stick with the classic colours such as black, white and red. Lace and silk fabrics are also the sexiest so be sure to pick one made from these materials.


Vibrators are one of the easiest to find and the most affordable when it comes to kinky gifts. If you’re lady is welcome to the idea of using it, then it’s a go signal that you can gift her one. She can use it when you’re apart, for her and only her pleasure. On the other hand, you may also use it together as an accessory to spice up your love life. Vibrators come in different sizes, styles, textures and colours so be sure to consider her preferences in sex when choosing one.

Adult Board Games

For added fun on your special day, adult board games are always in. There are lots of games to choose from such as the classic sexy truth or dare. It works just like the regular one but with more daring questions and naughtier dares. You’ll definitely enjoy playing this game to heat things up before getting into action.

BDSM Accessories

If you’re a couple who loves trying out new things in sex, a bunch of BDSM accessories is a perfect anniversary gift both of you will enjoy. Grab a collection of leather stuffs, whips, paddles, handcuffs and blindfolds then surprise her on your special night. Be sure she’s into this kind of fantasy too so it won’t be a waste.

Massage Oil

Who wouldn’t want a sexy massage to spice things up before getting into action? Choose aromatic massage oils such as lavender and use it as an aphrodisiac by massaging each other to heat things up. It could also double as soothing massage oil if both of you want to relax.

Aside from these naughty gifts, don’t forget to couple it with the classic romantic ones such as flowers or chocolates and you’re good to go. Well thought gifts are important to show how much you love and care for that person. Be observant with what your partner likes to make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift that suits her.

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