Ways to Save Energy in the Office

Energy conservation and environmental protection are each individual’s and corporation’s responsibility, not just the government’s. factories and corporates emit most energy wastage and play a major role in environmental pollution. Between lowering costs and maximizing profits, corporations seem to have lost focus on the impact they are making on the environment. While ethical environmental policies are needed for corporations, here are a few simple things you can do around the office to ensure energy is conserved at all times.

Use Energy Saving Bulbs And Implement Light Sensors

Of course you need to make maximum use of natural lighting, however most corporate offices do not have the privilege of total sunlight and hence rely on artificial lighting. Replace your traditional incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Truth be told, they are quite expensive than the traditional bulbs, however during the past decade, their prices have gone down drastically making them much cheaper than before. Also, implement light sensors wherever possible.

This way, there will not be any lights switched on unnecessarily. Installing LED bulbs will not save much energy if they are switched on the whole day, especially in rooms that are not used often so once these lights are put on in the morning, they will be switched off in the evening, with nobody using the room the whole day. Installing motion sensors will solve this problem. Forgetting to witch on a light on the way out is no longer a problem.

Go Paperless

Paper not only cuts down trees but also uses electricity through the means of printers, copiers, fax machines etc. Make your office paperless so that you can save all the energy that would’ve been photocopying and printing documents, only to be used once and then thrown away. Documents are also a hassle to keep around your desk. Use softcopies and electronic communication methods as much as possible.

Consider Microgeneration

Make your own electricity! Small businesses and factories are always encouraged to create their own power sources. Most offices switch to solar batteries Australia as solar power is the most environmentally friendly renewable energy and can be easily installed into the electric system. Most governments support this notion and hence will offer concessionary loan facilities and tax rebates on any small business that would be interested in investing in renewable energy. The upside is that you will have continuous power even when the area is experiencing power outages. You can even sell off the extra electricity produced by your solar system.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Inefficient equipment is one of the biggest causes of energy wastage. Switch to new and upgraded energy-efficient equipment, especially the ones which are always on and are used frequently such as the refrigerator and air conditioner. Give proper training to employees on how to operate machinery so that they don’t leave them switched on too long or use them more than required. Also, older equipment even while switched off will consume more energy than any other so upgrade to new ones immediately and save on your utility costs.

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