How to Use Screens As One of the Finest Interior Design Tools

Screens that are of a traditional type, which once served as essential items for privacy and a favourite of decorators, is making a comeback.  An array of spaces within your living quarters can be enhanced or separated by screens and room dividers.  This article helps you understand how best to use various types of screens in your home or office décor.

1.      Create Stylish Room Accents

Decorative screens are an easy way to add class and style to an interior living space.  Decorative screens are made of carved wood, ornate metalwork or beautiful painted designs on paper or canvas.  They make empty spaces interesting and add elegance to an otherwise uninteresting room.

2.      Create Privacy

Privacy screens can be used in many different ways.  They can be used to partially block the bed area view in a studio apartment, or create a dressing room area by your closet. 

3.      Create a Space within Space

Room screens are a great way to develop spaces within the larger space.  They create dimension and separation within a particular space and complement furniture or décor that would look sparse on its own.

4.      Form a Japanese Décor Theme

Japanese décor may be considered as the originator of the room screen concept.  These Japanese room dividers were made of thick, semi-opaque paper backing with a wooden windowpane pattern on the right side.  The paper screen featured beautiful Japanese traditional art.  This “shoji screen” makes a wonderful addition to a Japanese inspired interior décor.

5.      Create Lighting Effects

Room screens create amazing lighting effects in a room when light plays on it in the right angles and strength.  Paper screens diffuse light intensity and radius or change the colour of the light falling into the room.  Carved, perforated or metal screens with intricate designs installed in front of the light source create beautiful patterns throughout the space.  Experiment with different lighting and settle for the best effect created!

These screens are called by various names such as room dividers, folding screens, room partitions, privacy screens or decorative screens.  Find the type of screen from the following that suits your interior decorating style.   

Decorative Metal Screens

Laser cut decorative screens can be developed to striking designs that enrich your space with elegance and they are perfect for home décor with a touch of contemporary indulgence. 

The interior designers at the luxury furniture store Melbourne are more than happy to come out to your Melbourne home or commercial space, develop a stunning interior layout according to your wishes for a dream home.  The decorative screen will then be installed to make your living or working space into something you will be proud to call yours. 

Folding Screens or Room Dividers

Room dividers or traditional folding screens can be a clever idea to separate spaces or create privacy in an open layout or spruce up a plain drab corner.  Tall screens with a neutral design, frosted glass screens, vintage screens, folding screens with French, Japanese, Chinese or Korean designs on them, faux leather screens, upholstered screens all add to the glamour and style of your living room.  They can be easily purchased from furniture stores, online or in antique shops.

Wooden Screens

Screens made of carved wood, MDF board, PVC board, hollow board etc. can be mounted to create dreamy apartment partitions.

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